From white papers to informational slide decks, our in-depth guides will help you improve your sales and marketing teams.

utm link tracker

UTM Link Tracker

Track your web traffic easily with the UTM codes. Use the UTM Link Tracker to keep track of your parameters and ongoing campaigns with ease. To understand how to use UTM codes, check out this blog post on the best practices for UTM codes.

Sales Efficiency Picture

Leveraging Sales Efficiency for Optimal Resource Planning

Utilizing Sales Efficiencies for resource planning can provide valuable insight into the hiring and onboarding process. This white paper will explain how efficiencies impact orders and sales, leveraging them to ensure proper staffing, and methods of improvement.

Benefits of Dynamic Revenue Attribution

This guide offers a clear and concise definition of revenue attribution and its importance. Learn the best practice techniques based on Dynamic Revenue Attribution.

Graph of Optimization

Optimization for Sales and Marketing

Optimization for sales and marketing is our specialty. This manual will show you how to leverage optimization to save 15% by creating an optimal sales resource plan and generate 15% more revenue with an optimal marketing mix.

The Importance of Sales Forecasting

Creating an accurate sales forecast is among the top struggles sales executives face. This guide will educate you on different methods of sales forecasting, measuring their accuracy, and leveraging predictive analytics for optimal projections.

People standing atop podiums anouncing scores

Your Effective Guide to Lead Scoring

Creating an effective lead scoring model can be difficult. This guide goes in depth on a lead scoring model that includes behavior, demographic, account, and social scores.

Best Practices of an Inbound SDR Team

A helpful slide deck defining what an Inbound Sales Development Rep is, how they can help your company, and best practices of when and where to contact leads to maximize qualification.