Optimized Sales & Marketing

See how next quarter will end before it begins.

We deliver actionable plans for optimal results.

Report to your board and CEO with confidence. Our mathematical models read your historic data to produce astonishingly accurate sales and marketing plans. With optimized analytics, you gain insights into:

  • Predicting sales pipeline value
  • Optimal sales resource planning
  • Marketing revenue attribution
  • Ideal marketing program mixes
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Powerful reporting tools provide unparalleled insights into your sales and marketing data.


Advanced predictive analytics forecast the value of your marketing funnel and sales pipeline and identify which opportunities will win.


Intelligent optimization recommends the best sales resource and marketing investment strategy to achieve your revenue targets.

What Our Customers Say

I definitely recommend ORM Technologies. I’ve purchased multiple applications from them since 2012 and they consistently delivered beyond my expectations.

Brad Almond, Vertex

OSM unlocks insight that’s buried in your CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Any modern Marketer needs to give it a look.

Geoff Bibby, Zix

 ORM was instrumental in helping change the way we do business. They saved us over $1M in the first year of implementation and ORM’s software has been a cornerstone of our day-to-day operations for over four years.

Alan Lackey, Cambium Learning

Optimized Sales

Best-in-class sales made easy.

Resource Planning

Confidently know you have the right people at the right time to achieve your revenue targets.

Predict Pipeline Value

Accurately predict your sales pipeline value and which opportunities will win.

New Deal Velocity

Identify the optimal number of opportunities that should arrive each month to grow your sales pipeline.

Sales Performance Analytics

Proactively manage business changes with robust reporting and predictive estimates.

Optimized Marketing

Best-in-class marketing made easy.

Optimal Marketing Mix

Achieve your revenue goals by running the right programs at the right time.

Dynamic Revenue Attribution

Know which programs contributed to revenue.

Complete Lifecycle

Easily connect marketing leads to sale deals.

Robust Reporting

Make reporting part of your team’s DNA.

Level Up Your Sales & Marketing Game

Find out today what it takes to be best in class.