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OSM Videos

See the powerful features of Optimized Sales and Marketing.


Opportunity Win/Loss Predictions

Learn how OSM’s opportunity predictions can help prioritize where your sales team should focus their efforts.

  • Prioritize effort using win percentages
  • Sort and filter by likeliness to win
  • View historic predictions and accuracy

OSM Introduction

Simply put, OSM is the GPS of sales and marketing.

  • Set your financial goals as the destination
  • Define strategic initiatives as way points
  • Navigate your optimal route

Optimized Sales Overview

  • Build an optimal sales strategy
  • Prescribe the best hiring plan
  • Get accurate sales predictions
  • Predict deal-by-deal wins
  • Rank your sales team

Optimized Marketing Overview

  • Easy-to-use life-cycle reporting
  • Align marketing goals to sales
  • Dynamic revenue attribution
  • Predict value of marketing funnel
  • Optimize marketing mix