Optimized Sales: The Optimal Sales Strategy

Optimized Sales

Best-In-Class Sales Made Easy

Save 5% – 15%

Save your sales organization up to 15% while still achieving your revenue targets. Use Optimized Analytics to your advantage.

Increase Confidence

Know how the quarter will perform weeks or months in advance. Let our predictive analytics do the heavy lifting.

Hire Smart

Identify when and where to hire to achieve your revenue targets. Don’t let unknown ramp rates cause you to miss your goals.

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  • Build an optimal sales strategy
  • Prescribe the best hiring plan
  • Get accurate sales predictions
  • Predict deal-by-deal wins
  • Rank your sales team

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Optimized Sales Features

Resource Planning

Confidently know you have the right people at the right time to achieve your revenue targets.

Our optimized resource plans find the best way to grow your sales team while achieving your revenue targets and reducing costs. We identify which type of salesperson to hire by month while ensuring their expected ramp rates are correctly profiled.

  • Identify when and where to hire to achieve your revenue targets
  • Build a multi-year resource plan
  • Profile attrition to avoid costly productivity hits

Predict Pipeline Value

Accurately predict your sales pipeline value and which opportunities will win.

Our advanced predictive models weigh key attributes to determine each opportunity’s win probability over the coming weeks. Then each opportunity is assigned value by week to provide highly flexible reporting by any number of attributes. This per-opportunity granularity gives you new ways of reporting predicted sales pipeline value.

New Deal Velocity

Identify the optimal number of opportunities that should arrive each month to grow your sales pipeline.

Accurately predicting the value of the current pipeline is amazing in itself, but is your pipeline also refilling at a sustainable rate? Or are you borrowing from future quarters by pulling deals forward? A shrinking pipeline will have dramatic consequences in future quarters!

Sales Performance Analytics

Proactively manage business changes with robust reporting and predictive estimates.

Gain key insights into the performance of your salespeople, regions, products, accounts, and any other opportunity attribute of interest. Each grouping is measured in multiple dimensions to find its true performance, and then see how it is trending.