Optimized Marketing

Optimized Marketing

Best-In-Class Marketing Made Easy

Dynamic Attribution

Dynamic multi-touch revenue attribution provides accurate ROI across your entire marketing investment.

Optimal Marketing Mix

Achieve your revenue goals by running the right programs at the right time.

Robust Reporting

Quickly analyze your marketing funnel with easy-to-use dashboards and understand your data with dynamic reporting.

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  • Easy-to-use life-cycle reporting
  • Align marketing goals to sales
  • Dynamic revenue attribution
  • Predict value of marketing funnel
  • Optimize marketing mix

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Optimized Marketing Features

Optimal Marketing Mix

Achieve your revenue goals by running the right programs at the right time. Our optimized marketing mix determines the best programs to run and when to run them. This marketing plan aligns directly to sales ensuring you contribute the appropriate number of leads to the sales pipeline at the right time.

  • Pick the right combinations of programs to maximize sales impact
  • Run the right programs today to achieve tomorrow’s sales target
  • Efficiently allocate your marketing resources

Robust Reporting

Make reporting part of your team’s DNA. Our easy-to-use reporting provides a framework to answer all the tough questions. You and your team can easily access your data, analyze your marketing funnel, and understand how it has changed through time.

  • Conversation Rates
  • Lead Lifecycle Reporting
  • Program Reporting

Dynamic Revenue Attribution

Know which programs contributed to revenue. Dynamic revenue attribution is a flexible attribution model that is based on your lead scoring model. It can be used to do first-touch, last-touch, or multi-touch attribution. This framework is ideal for determining which programs are contributing to your sales pipeline and revenue.

Demonstrate Marketing Impact

Demonstrate marketing as a revenue generating investment.  Conclusively show marketing’s impact on win rate, deal size, and time to close. Without knowing the split on marketing sourced leads versus sales sourced leads, you cannot demonstrate how your team is empowering sales. By mapping which leads convert to deals, you can prove that marketing leads win faster, more often, and for more money.

Complete Lifecycle

Easily connect marketing leads to sale deals. Why rely on a salesperson to connect your marketing lead to their deal? With our optimized analytics, we make the connection for you. You will know your leads full lifecycle, from the day they click on your website to the day they become a customer.

Total Account Profile

Everything you need on an account in one place.  Your customer’s journey is not based on one person. You need a comprehensive view of an account to really understand your customers. Our account dashboard lets you know how each person on an account is acting. You see them as marketing leads, sales deals, and eventually customers.