Optimized Sales & Marketing for CFOs

OSM for CFOs

Accurate sales forecasting, Optimal resourcing, Precise predictions, and Detailed employee analysis.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

79% of companies miss their own forecast by more than 10%. OSM’s predictive models are 95% accurate in estimating your sales forecast.

Optimal Resourcing

OSM analyzes the efficiency and ramp-up time of your sales positions and prescribes an optimal monthly plan of when and where to hire to achieve your revenue targets for the next 36 months.

Predict Opportunity Outcomes

OSM predicts each opportunity’s probability of winning in quarter and overall with greater than 80% accuracy.

Measure Sales Team Performance

OSM ranks each member of your sales team on 12 different metrics, including how fast they close deals, efficiency, pipeline value forecasts, and amount accuracy.

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